Lunch            Dinner
Chicken, Pork, Vegetable, or Tofu                  $5.99             $9.95
Beef                                                                 $6.99             $10.95
Shrimp, squid, mussle, or scallop                   $7.99             $12.95
Dishes from wok (Stir-Fried)
401 Mix Vegetable
Stir fried broccoli,carrot, cabbage, beanspout, snow pea, mushroom, celery, and zuchini with brown sauce
402 Cashew Nut
Stir fried cashew nut with snow pea, onion, carrot, bell pepper with brown sauce
403 Sweet & Sour
Stir fried tomato, pineapple, cucumber, onion, green onion, bell pepper in chef special sweet & sour sauce
404 Thai Eggplant
Stir fried Thai eggplant with onion, carrot, bell pepper, basil leave with brown sauce 
405 Ginger
Stir fried onion, bell pepper, carrot, mushroom, celery with fresh ginger, soy bean paste, and brown sauce
406 Basil**
Stir fried broccoli, bell pepper, onion, and carrot with fresh basil and chilli sauce
407 Garlic 
Stir fried carrot, zuchini, onion, and pea pod in garlic sauce
408 Kung Pao
Stir fried with fresh ginger, snow pea, carrot, onion, bell pepper, and peanut in House special sauce
409 Pad Kra Prow**
Stir fried ground chicken with fresh chilli, garlic, and Thai Basil
410 Pad Prik Sod**
Stir fried Fresh jalapeno, onion, and green onion with your choice of meat
Aromatic Curry                                                
501 Red Curry*
Red curry of your choice with coconut milk, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, green bean, carrot, and Thai basil
502 Green Curry**
Green curry of your choice with coconut milk, eggplant, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, carrot, and Thai basil
503 Mussaman Curry
Mussaman curry of your choice with coconut milk, potato, carrot, onion and roasted peanut
504 Panang Curry*
Panang curry of your choice with coconut milk, pea pod, carrot, zuchini, onion and ground peanut on top
505 Yellow Curry
Yellow curry of your choice with coconut milk, curry powder, onion, potato, and carrot
Noodle & Fried Rice
601 Fried Rice
Thai fried rice with onion, pea pod, carrot, and egg with soy sauce 
602 Pad Kee Mao*
Stir fried jumbo rice noodle with fresh Thai chilli, garlic, broccoli, bell pepper, onion, carrot, and basil leave with brown sauce
603 Pad See Ew
Stir fried jumbo rice noodle with garlic, carrot, broccoli, egg and Thai sweet black soy sauce
604 Pad Thai 
Stir fried thin rice noodle with egg, bean spout, and green onion in chef special sauce served with ground peanut 
605 Pad woon Sen Stir fried clear noodle with snow pea, onion, tomato, bean spout, green onion, celery, and egg

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